Season Ticket Terms and Conditions
Usage Is unlimited, season tickets are not transferable and are for use by the named person only.
Admittance: For safety reasons it may be necessary to control or stop admissions to the Pool during busy
periods (this includes season ticket holders).
Family Season Tickets: These are for family parents/civil partners and their children 17 and under (including
foster children) living at the same address. Grandparents, cousins, foreign students, carers and child-minders do
not qualify. Students aged 18 and up to 25 who provide proof of enrolment in full time education can be included but this does not extend to work experience or any other paid course (either full or part time). Children under 2 years are free but must be included on the application form.

Single Tickets: Are not available to children under 8 years. Children are only eligible if they comply with the
Child Safety and Supervision Policy.

Conduct: It is the duty of the manager and staff to preserve order and enforce compliance with all the rules,
regulations and policies of the pool. The pool has disciplinary procedures and patrons who break the rules or
regulations will be subject to this and: possible revocation of their swimming privileges, asked to leave the
premises or be given a banned period. No refunds will be given.

The pool committee reserve the right to withdraw and cancel a season ticket card without reimbursement in
the event that the cardholder’s behaviour is found to be in breach of pool rules, regulations or polices.
Please read the rules of the pool and obey any safety advice given by the lifeguard.

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