Dave Mogg (Pool Manager) and Parish Councillors try out the new bike racks.

Maintenance Mode.

Greenbank Pool is normally a seasonal pool but this year it has been in ‘maintenance mode’ for the whole summer.  This has involved the usual cleaning, painting, and filling of the two pools.  However, this year we have been able to correct small leaks and seal up any cracks with the help of Onsite, a company that specialises in repairing drainage infrastructure. 

The team from Onsite visited us on one of the warmest days in August to repair two cracks in the children’s’ pool and one in the main pool.  Since the pool has been refilled the good news is that the water level has not dropped.

What makes Greenbank Pool special is the parkland surrounding it.  This also needs to be maintained even when the pool is closed.  This year the large tree beside the wet play area needed its branches trimmed.  Several were overhanging the area and dropping leaves and other material onto the surface.  Tree surgeons were called in and the trees foliage cut back.

In the last few weeks another project has been completed, to update the pool’s facilities, these are our new bike racks.  These have been given to the pool by Street Parish Council.  There are 10 sturdy stainless steel bike racks which will allow visitors to park their bikes at the pool all year round.

New Website

Our website is currently being updated so you may notice some changes each time you visit.  We will be installing our new online booking system in readiness for when we re-open. This will allow everyone to book and, where appropriate, to pay securely online to attend any events and swim sessions at the pool.  Those of you who managed to book a swim in any pool during the summer of 2020 will know that the pandemic has altered the bathing experience.  Most pools ran adults-only lane swimming but some offered family swims too.  We are hoping that when we re-open we will be able to do the same and the booking system will enable everyone to choose the type of swim and the time slot that suits them.

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